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1359 08/16/19Courthouse Research Specialist - Cheatham and Robertson Counties Cheatham and Robertson Counties, TN
1358 08/16/19Courthouse Research Specialist - Fayette County, KY Lexington, KY
1357 08/16/19Courthouse Research Specialist - Jefferson County, KY Louisville, KY
1356 08/14/19Vendor Support Specialist Flowery Branch, GA
1355 08/14/19Courthouse Research Specialist-Ga Field Operations-Muscogee County and surrounding Columbus area Columbus, GA
1352 08/13/19Claims and Research Specialist Purcellville, VA
1349 07/23/19Database Warehouse Analyst Purcellville, VA
1348 07/19/19Client Implementation and Project Lead Purcellville, VA
1347 07/10/19Field Research Supervisor Flowery Branch, GA
1344 06/24/19Courthouse Research Specialist-Ga Field Operations-Clayton County Flowery Branch, GA
1343 06/24/19Courthouse Research Specialist-Ga Field Operations-Cobb County Flowery Branch, GA
1342 06/21/19Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Manager Purcellville, VA
1340 06/17/19Courthouse Research Specialist-Ga Field Operations-Dawson and surrounding counties Flowery Branch, GA
1339 06/11/19Client Relations Specialist Purcellville, VA
1337 06/10/19Courthouse Research Specialist - WSS WV 6.2019 Morgantown, WV
1336 06/03/19Software Quality Assurance Analyst - 6.2019 Purcellville, VA
1335 06/03/19Software Developer - 6.2019 Purcellville, VA
1333 05/17/19Claims/SIU Adjuster San Juan, PR
1328 05/03/19Courthouse Research Specialist-Ga Field Operations-Walton/Newton and surrounding counties Flowery Branch, GA
1321 03/20/19Software Developer Purcellville, VA
1313 02/13/19Quality Assurance Analyst - GA Field Operations Flowery Branch, GA
1312 02/11/19Verifications Specialist - 8.2019 Purcellville, VA
1307 12/10/18Courthouse Research Specialist-Fulton county Atlanta, GA
1303 11/15/18Criminal Research Analyst - VA - 1118 Purcellville, VA
1302 11/15/18Criminal Research Analyst - GA - 1118 Flowery Branch, GA

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